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                              Hydraulic Press Machine is a pressure processing machine used for processes such as modulation, press fitting, cold stamping and bending. It is one of the earliest machinery to apply hydraulic transmission. Hydromechanical hydraulic system is used for the main drive of the machine. It is mainly used for pressure control. The system has high pressure, high flow and high power. Special attention should be paid to how to improve system efficiency and prevent hydraulic shock.

                              The working cycle of the hydraulic cylinder's general master cylinder requires basic actions such as fast forward-deceleration approach to the workpiece and pressurization-pressure holding delay-pressure relief-fast return stroke and keeping the piston staying at any position of the stroke. Generally, the action cycle of the feeding and top-feeding cylinders is piston up-stop-backing down, and the thin plate stretching requires the oil-outing tank to go up-stopping-pressure return and other actions; sometimes a blank holder is needed to hold the material tight. So how does the water in the hydraulic cylinder get mixed in?

                              (1) The way of water entering the hydraulic cylinder

                              1Mechanical failure, such as bad bees, leakage of cooling coils, etc.

                              2. In a hot and humid climate, the gas tank breathes in and brings in.

                              3. Wet working environment, pollution caused by underground, water, rain, etc.

                              (2) the harm of water to the hydraulic cylinder

                              1. Able to react with hydraulic oil, acid, gum and sludge, water can also precipitate additives in oil.

                              2. Reduce lubricity, trace water dissolved in hydraulic oil can accelerate the wear of high stress parts.

                              3. Water can cause sticking of the control valve and cause cavitation damage at the pump inlet or other low pressure parts.

                              4. Corrosive and rusty metal.

                              (3) Solution

                              1. Strengthen the detection of water content in oil.

                              2.Drying hole for fuel tank.

                              3. Install an adsorption drying filter in the system.

                              Hydraulic Press Machine

                              Hydraulic Press Machine

                              Hydraulic machines are contaminated during manufacture, testing, use and storage. It is an important means to eliminate pollution during cleaning and keep the hydraulic oil, hydraulic components and pipelines clean. The following Hydraulic Press Exporter will show you how to clean the hydraulic press.

                              In production, the cleaning of hydraulic machines usually includes main system cleaning and full system cleaning. Full system cleaning refers to cleaning the entire hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic device. Before cleaning, the system should be restored to the actual operating state. The cleaning medium can be hydraulic oil; the cleaning time is generally 2-4 hours, and in special cases it does not exceed 10 hours; the cleaning effect is based on the absence of impurities on the circuit screen.

                              Pay attention to the following points when cleaning:

                              1. In general hydraulic machine cleaning, hydraulic oil or test oil for work is mostly used. However, do not use kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquids to prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipelines, fuel tanks and seals.

                              2. During the cleaning process, the hydraulic pump runs and the cleaning medium is heated at the same time. When the temperature of the cleaning oil is 50-80 ° C, the rubber residue in the hydraulic press is easily removed.

                              3. During the cleaning process, the non-metallic hammer can be used to tap the tubing, which can be tapped continuously to facilitate the removal of attachments in the pipeline.

                              4. The clearance operation of the hydraulic pump is beneficial to improve the cleaning effect. The intermittent time is generally 10-30min.

                              5. On the oil return line of the cleaning oil line, a filter or screen should be installed. At the beginning of cleaning, due to the large amount of impurities, an 80-mesh filter can be used; in the later cleaning, a 150-mesh filter can be used.

                              6. The cleaning time is generally 48-60h, which depends on factors such as the complexity of the system, the filtering accuracy requirements and the degree of pollution.

                              7. In order to prevent corrosion caused by external moisture, the hydraulic pump will continue to run until the temperature returns to normal when cleaning is finished.

                              8. After the hydraulic machine is cleaned, the cleaning oil in the circuit must be drained.

                              The above is the method of cleaning the hydraulic machine introduced by Beveling Machine Exporter. Hope to help everyone.

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