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                              Today, Hydraulic Press Manufacturer introduces the applicable skills of pipe benders.


                              1. High processing accuracy and stable quality. The pipe bender has adopted a variety of technical measures to improve processing accuracy and ensure quality stability:

                              First, the pipe bending machine is automatically controlled by a numerical control program for processing. In the working process, generally no manual intervention is required, which eliminates human errors or errors caused by the operator;

                              Second, the mechanical structure of the pipe bender is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of precision machine tools. It uses high-precision transmission components such as ball screws and rolling guides, and has high rigidity, good thermal stability and vibration resistance.

                              Third, the pulse equivalent or the minimum setting unit of the servo drive system can reach 10 pm to 0.5 Pm. At the same time, most of the work uses closed-loop or semi-closed-loop control with detection feedback, with error correction or compensation functions, which can be further Improve accuracy and stability;

                              Fourth, the CNC machining center has a tool magazine and an automatic tool changer, which can complete the multi-faceted and multi-process machining of the workpiece after one clamping, which minimizes the impact of clamping errors.


                              2. Flexible automation with wide adaptability

                              Because it adopts NC program control, many general-purpose tooling is used in processing. As long as the NC program is changed, automatic processing of new parts can be realized. Therefore, it can meet the current requirements for continuous product upgrades in the current market, and solves many varieties Small and medium batch production automation issues.


                              3. Can realize the processing of complex parts

                              Because the pipe bending machine adopts computer interpolation and multi-coordinate linkage control technology, it can realize arbitrary trajectory movement and process any complex shape of space curved surface, and it can easily complete various features such as propellers, steam turbine blades, automotive shape stamping dies Machining of complex curved surface parts.

                               Pipe Bending Machine

                              Pipe Bending Machine

                              4.High production efficiency

                              Pipe Bending Machine can minimize the maneuvering time and auxiliary time required for part processing, and significantly improve production efficiency.

                              First, the feed motion and most of the main motions of the pipe bender use stepless speed regulation, and the speed regulation range is large. Therefore, the optimal cutting speed and feed speed can be selected for each process;

                              Second, good structural rigidity and vibration resistance allow the machine tool to use large cutting amounts and perform strong cutting;

                              Thirdly, there is generally no need to stop the machine to inspect the workpiece, thereby effectively reducing the downtime during machine tool processing;

                              Fourth, the machine parts use automatic acceleration and deceleration measures during positioning, so a high idle stroke speed can be selected, which greatly saves auxiliary movement time;

                              Fifth, the machining center can adopt measures such as automatic tool change and automatic table exchange. Once the workpiece is clamped at one time, multi-faceted and multi-process processing can be performed, which greatly reduces auxiliary time such as workpiece clamping and tool setting;

                              Sixth, the centralized processing procedures can reduce the turnover of parts, reduce the number of equipment and plant area, and bring great convenience to production scheduling management.


                              5. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions

                              Because the operator of the pipe bending machine mainly uses the operation panel to operate the automatic processing of the machine tool, the labor intensity of the operator is greatly reduced, the production conditions are improved, and multiple machine tools can be easily managed by one person.

                              6. Conducive to modern production and management

                              The use of a pipe bender for processing can conveniently and accurately calculate the processing man-hours of parts or perform automatic processing statistics. It can accurately calculate the production and processing costs, which is beneficial to the scientific management of the production process. Pipe benders are the basis of advanced manufacturing systems such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, group control or distributed control, flexible manufacturing systems, and computer integrated manufacturing systems.


                              The above is the applicable skills of pipe benders introduced by the Pipe Expanding Machine supplier.

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