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                              Hydraulic Press Machine is one of the most widely used equipment in product molding production. It has developed rapidly since its introduction in the nineteenth century and has become one of the essential equipment in industrial production. Due to the wide adaptability of hydraulic presses in work, it has been widely used in various sectors of the national economy. Such as sheet metal forming; tube, wire, profile extrusion; powder metallurgy, plastic and rubber products forming; plywood pressing and packing; artificial diamond, refractory brick pressing and carbon electrode pressing forming; wheel axle pressing, straightening, etc.

                               Hydraulic Press Machine

                              Hydraulic Press Machine

                              With the development of hydraulic technology, the application of hydraulic presses is becoming more and more widespread, especially the application of 150 tons hydraulic presses in press fitting and forming.

                              Advantages of hydraulic transmission:

                              1. The output power per unit mass is large, and it is easy to obtain large force and moment. For example, the mass of the axial piston pump is only 10% -20% of the mass of the same power DC generator, and the former is 12% -13% of the latter. For construction machinery, this advantage is particularly outstanding.

                              2. Due to the small size and light weight, the inertia is small, the starting and braking are rapid, and the movement is stable.

                              3. It can be easily combined with the electric control part to form a transmission and control device combined with the electro-hydraulic combination to achieve various automatic control. This kind of electro-hydraulic control not only has the characteristics of wide range of output power of hydraulic transmission, but also has the characteristics of convenient and flexible electronic control. Modern construction machinery has generally adopted this method.

                              4. Good work safety, easy to achieve overload protection.

                              5. Convenient operation and control, easy to achieve stepless speed regulation and a wide speed range, up to 100: 1 to 2000: 1.

                              6. Easy to achieve standardization, serialization and generalization, and easy to design, manufacture and popularize.


                              Application of hydraulic transmission in various industries

                              At present, hydraulic technology has been widely used in industrial equipment, such as: machinery manufacturing, engineering, construction, mining, metallurgy, military and so on. The application fields of hydraulic technology can be summarized into the following main aspects:


                              1. Various lifting and handling operations. Especially in the case of mobile machinery and large driving power, hydraulic transmission has become a main method. For example, from construction machinery such as lifting and loading to special vehicles such as fire fighting, maintenance, and handling; ship's loader and anchor; blast furnace and steelmaking furnace equipment; locks and locks for hatches and hatches; lifting pools and lifts Stage; various automatic conveyor lines.


                              Second, various pushing, squeezing, pressing, shearing, cutting, digging and other operating devices are required. In these cases, hydraulic transmissions already have a monopoly position. For example: various hydraulic presses, die-casting, forming, rolling, calendering, stretching, and shearing equipment for metal materials; plastic injection molding machines, plastic extruders and other chemical machinery; tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural and forestry logging Machinery; tunnel, mine and ground excavation equipment; steering gear for various ships, etc.


                              Third, high response and high precision control. For example: tracking and driving of artillery, stabilization of turrets, swaying of ships, attitude control of aircraft and missiles; high-precision positioning systems for processing machine tools; drive and control of industrial robots; metal sheet pressing, leather slice thickness control; power plant speed regulation system; high-performance shaking table and testing machine; multi-degree of freedom large-scale motion simulator and entertainment facilities.


                              Fourth, the automatic operation and control of a variety of work program combinations. For example: combined machine tools, automatic machining lines, etc.


                              5. Special working occasions. For example: underground, underwater, explosion-proof and other special operating equipment.


                              The above is the application of hydraulic transmission in hydraulic press introduced by Hydraulic Press Manufacturer. Hope to help everyone.

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