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                              Pipe Bender Machine

                              Pipe Bender Machine

                              1. The medium frequency Pipe Bender Machine adopts PLC control, which is very convenient to change the processing parameters. It has the characteristics of good stability, good reliability, good processing precision and high efficiency, and realizes automatic operation of electric, liquid and gas systems.

                              2. The guide rail of the medium frequency bender adopts the straight inlet guide rail, which has the characteristics of good rigidity, small rolling friction, long service life and high precision.

                              3. The medium frequency pipe bending machine is driven by stepper motor in the longitudinal direction, and the work feed is stable and the tool is effectively protected.

                              4. The medium frequency pipe bending machine does not need manual operation for feeding, and realizes the automatic function of feeding and discharging. High-quality and high-quality cutting of various metal and non-metal profiles such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and alloy

                              Characteristics of medium frequency pipe bending machine:

                              1. Because the cutting technology is different from ordinary grinding and cutting, it does not produce a large amount of grinding dust during cutting, which greatly reduces the pollution of cutting dust on the construction site, and ensures the cleanliness of the construction environment and the health of the operators.

                              2. High torque, low speed (1300rpm), no high temperature during cutting, to ensure that the incision is flat, no annealing, reduce the secondary processing of the incision.

                              3. Fast fixing and cutting at multiple angles to meet your different working conditions.

                              4. High temperature tungsten alloy material cutter head, and special cutter head design, effectively extend the cutting life of the saw blade.

                              5. The specially designed silencer line on the surface of the saw blade can effectively reduce the working noise and vibration of the whole machine and prolong the life of the whole machine.

                              6. Only weight 21 kg, easy to move at the construction site.

                              7. It can be 45 ° - 90 ° different angles of the oblique cut.

                              8. Spindle lock and dust collecting device.

                              9. Triple safety protection device to ensure safe operation.

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