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                              Here is a Hot Pipe Bending Machine Wholesaler talking about how to set the parameters of the intermediate frequency bender.

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                              Induction Bending Machine

                              Induction Bending Machine

                              How to set the parameter value of the intermediate frequency pipe bending machine has a lot of articles. Firstly, the size of the bending radius of the hydraulic medium frequency pipe bending machine conduit is selected according to the appropriate bending radius value, which determines the resistance of the pipe when bending. Generally speaking, the large diameter of the pipe diameter is small, and the wrinkles and slippage are likely to occur during bending. The bending quality is difficult to ensure, so the R value of the pipe bending die is generally selected to be 23 times the diameter of the pipe.

                              Choosing a suitable mandrel and its position The mandrel of the hydraulic intermediate frequency pipe bending machine plays the role of supporting the deformation of the inner wall of the bending radius of the pipe during the bending process. At present, the domestically produced pipe is bent on the machine tool. If the mandrel is not used, the quality is difficult to guarantee. There are many types of mandrel rods, such as column core rods, universal single, double, triple, and four-ball head core rods, oriented single and multi-ball head core rods. In addition, the position of the mandrel also has a certain influence on the bending of the pipe: in theory, its tangent should be flush with the tangent of the pipe mould, but after a large number of tests, it is better to advance 1~2mm, at this time the quality of the pipe More ideal. Of course, the amount of advance is too large, which causes a phenomenon of so-called "goose head" on the outer wall of the curved portion. Here we hope that everyone must pay attention to the parameter setting of each part of the manual intermediate frequency pipe bending machine, which is directly related to whether the manual bending can work normally. Be sure to follow the instructions for use when setting up the manual bend.

                              Setting the moderate bending forming speed The main influence of the bending forming speed on the forming quality is that the speed is too fast, it is easy to cause the flat portion of the pipe to be flat, the roundness is not required, and the pipe is pulled and broken; the speed is too slow. It is easy to cause the wrinkling of the pipe and the pressing block to slip, and the pipe of the large pipe diameter is easy to form the depression of the curved portion of the pipe. For a large number of tests on these two CNC hydraulic IF pipe benders, it is advisable to determine the bending speed of the pipe to be 20%–40% of the maximum bending speed of the machine.

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