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                              The Steel Pipe Pressure Testing Equipment can be divided into a numerical control pipe bending machine, a hydraulic pipe bending machine and the like. It is mainly used for electric power construction, public railway equipment, steam boilers, bridges, boats, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair, with a lot of obedience, reasonable structure, and general control. In addition to the bent pipe obedience, the elbow machine can also use the oil cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with the installation of the numerical control elbow setting equipment, the cost is self-made and easy to use, and the main product in the domestic bending machine Orientation.

                              Elbow machine supply pipe bending machine correct handling essentials:

                              1. Before the operation, the main inspection points of the pipe bending machine are not lack of oil, the active structure is not loose, the safety protection device is not reliable, and can be manipulated after being approved.

                              2, start the bending machine oil pump, the system pressure is not linked within the scope of the rules, if high, invading the hydraulic components, destroying the waste of power, if too low, affecting the operation.

                              3. Mediation of the required position of the parts and the required point of view.

                              4. The mediation mechanism is positioned to the required length.

                              5. Reconcile the vertical landing rails so that the guide cylinders can be clamped to hold the iron pipes.

                              6. The clamping die clamping cylinder can clamp the iron pipe.

                              7. Normal operation Put the workpiece into the zigzag mold, and the front end touches the positioning, and the foot switch is pressed to complete the knot.

                              Steel Pipe Pressure Testing Equipment

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